Sudhamala Yoga

Sudamala or Sudhamala composed from two samskrta words, Sudha which mean pure / cleanse and mala which mean stain / impurity. So Sudhamala Yoga mean, a way to cleanse our physical, mental and spiritual being from any impurity through Yoga. Transformation from physical, mental and spiritual staticity toward holistic welfare is the goal of Sudhamala Yoga which based on the technique described in Raja Yoga.
Sudhamala Yoga combined asana, breathing (pranayama), withdrawal (prathyahara) and concentration (dharana). These practices must be done in complementary to one another. The glandular stimulation to harmonize the hormonal system and the transformation of consciousness from unit self merging into cosmic Self is the goal of this Practice.
Through Sudhamala Yoga you will be guided to understand the art of balancing the body and spiritual energy while performing or holding a certain postures (asana). Also how to achieved concentration of mind while doing a particular asana / posture. You will be benefited physically, mentally and spiritually by these exercise as we conclude the exercises with deep relaxation and guided meditation.

The combination of streching, relaxation and meditation is our specialty, everyone, be it beginner or advance practitioner can feel the positive effect of our practices.